New Features Only Available in All New Rush

There are seven new features in the second generation of Rush that is not owned by other Toyota models in Malaysia. The seventh is described by Tommy Hermansyah Product Knowledge of Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) when presenting the product presentation to the community on Thursday (23/11/2017). Also visit:

1. LED light
The first thing is LED technology on the headlamps. In fact, Toyota’s more expensive models are not equipped with the technology, all using a projector or halogen.

“So to Rush, it’s actually just reflectors. If the LED is on top. So actually the concept of full LED on the Rush that baseball visible light where there, “said Tommy.New rush cars 2017

2. Indicator of belt usage

In Toyota cars, usually the indicator of belt wear only for driver and front passenger. The new generation of Rush whose specifications are tailored to pursue the ASEAN NCAP 5-star test star rating, equipped with indicators for seven passengers.

So, the driver can know that the passengers in the back seat do not use seat belts. In addition to seat belt safety sensors, each bench also has a heavy sensor.

3. Shark Signature Fin
This new identity is an additional part that is on each edge of the rear spoiler. According to Tommy it was first used on a Toyota Harrier that was not sold domestically.

4. Spion
Usually, Toyota cars share the same rearview components. But not for Rush. Spion with LED sein lamp is the first design and newly used Rush.

5. Memory AC
Air conditioning system aka AC on the lower variant, G, do not have the “auto” feature as in TRD Sportivo. But instead there is an AC memory feature that is useful for recording fan settings and temperature.

There are two storage slots. That feature helps for the driver to more easily adjust the temperature without having to bother turn or push more buttons. Also read:


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