Tips Caring for Diesel Engine Cars To Look For

Diesel engines are known for their toughness, so it’s no wonder Cars with those machines are very popular with some people. For the workings of diesel engines are different from the cars that use gasoline engines. Not only that, the price of his car was also more expensive. This is because the car that uses diesel engines made from better materials in order to withstand compression of course higher.

The diesel engine car is the same as any other Car that needs maintenance. As Iwan Abdurrahman, the Technical Service Division of PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM), said, there is no extra maintenance for diesel engines, all the same. also visit:

As with the gasoline engine, diesel engine car also requires to change the oil and filter components as set by the manufacturer. However, there is one component that really needs to get more attention on the Car with diesel engine that is Filter engine

Cars with diesel engines use diesel fuel. In addition there is also a water content, so that each diesel car on the filter there is a separator between water and diesel. Water pressure should not be too much, and if it has exceeded the dose then aka warning tone with a lit indicator.

“The solar filter is only replaced when there is a notification on the instrument screen. If blinking means the water has a lot, if it glared (flame continues) it’s a sign of solar filters have clogged, “he said, taking all the example of all new Innova, which was released in 2015 ago. also visit:

Although there is no time to change the solar filter periodically, but Iwan said, better solar filters are replaced simultaneously by changing the oil that every 10 thousand km.

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